The violent bouts of vomiting and skin discoloration begin to send red flags in Marcus Ford’s mind. He’s a man who doesn’t drink or do drugs, and puts his gym membership to use faithfully.

When Marcus Ford decides he will not the except his doctors prognosis of his current deteriorating health condition, he seeks the opinion of another doctor. The test results send him into a violent spiraling frenzy.

The latest test results bring something out of him, something he had no idea he was capable of. His thought are no longer occupied by the pain that is ripping through his body, instead it is replaced with methodical thoughts of how he is going to spend his last few days alive making those responsible suffer. He’ll stop at nothing and is willing to put everything he ever loved on the line, including his family.

Directed by • George Pierre
Written by • George Pierre
Starring • Dwayne Boyd, Doris Morgado, Valerie Sue Love
Produced by • Genia Nooks, Errol Sadler