17, with blonde hair, blue eyes and skinny frame. Tall for his age but lacks the confidence he appears to have. Nolan smiles constantly and receives attention from the girls but would rather be with friends throwing a baseball. He is a friend to many and a boy eager to learn. He is a great pitcher and finds that he is most comfortable in his skin when he is on the mound. Torn between life, love and loss, he finds himself in many uncomfortable situations. Growing up in a small town with only a mother was just the beginning of what was to come.

Young Nolan
YOUNG NOLAN, 10, a nerdy, blond boy wearing a red baseball cap, sits in front of the TV totally immersed in a baseball game. His mother, SHARON, enters the den.

37, pretty and unique looking Caucasian woman with straight brown-blonde hair to her shoulders and deep eyes from no rest. She dresses modest and always carries her purse around her shoulder. She appears to have experiences with life and only concentrates of Nolan alone. She is a nurse who not only takes very good care of her only child Nolan, but others as well. Abused by her ex-husband DANIEL, Sharon finds refuge in her son, taking full responsibility of him teaching Nolan to be the perfect gentlemen. He is the most special gift GOD had ever given her.

18, a short brown haired Caucasian boy with a small frame which doesn’t sit too well with his enormous attitude. He walks confidently with his head held high and is always looking for action. He has an “I don’t care attitude.” He doesn’t show much respect unless he gains from the situation. He is Nolan’s best friend and plans on keeping it that way. He has had Nolan’s back from the day they met. Sam struggles with insecurity because of his size but makes up for it with his fists, he a foster child who has finally settled with a dysfunctional family. This only makes matters worse as Sam is eager to make a name for himself.

Young Sam

17, a tall wide framed Caucasian boy with a military style haircut. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and doesn’t want to be a part of any non-sense. The normal kid on the block, he can’t do wrong even when he tries. At times peer pressure may show its face to Thomas but he’s no sucker. He may be bigger than the other boys but he does have a brain. He is the most responsible of the three boys as he looks out for his baby sister when his parents are at their bible study.

27, a drug dealing gangster, his only reason for living is to get the next high. A Caucasian man who wears his hair cut short and has tattoos covering both arms and neck. He is slim from his drug habits and constantly has a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He speaks as though he is the bully of the town and believes he is invincible. He is an experienced user and an old friend of Sam. The two met in foster care when they were much younger. He has a vicious attitude and is not afraid to reveal it.

17, a young Caucasian girl with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. Her lips are perky and she speaks with a heavy southern accent. She is a very smart girl who is mature for her age but uses her wisdom wisely. She cares for Nolan but not because of his popularity but his heart. She sees that he is a great friend to Sam and looks at that as a compliment to Nolan.

40, an African American woman with shoulder length hair. She carries herself politely as she is a woman in every sense. A friend to Sharon, she is also a nurse on the same floor. The two women form a great bond during their years of work together and share everything with one another. Dehra is also a good mother who sees family as the most important aspect of life.

40, a Caucasian male with brown hair and mustache. He wears flannel shirts with jeans and boots. He reeks of alcohol and cigarettes. He is an alcoholic and abuser. He uses alcohol as a way of escaping his life. He was on the way to be a professional baseball player when he heard the news of his girlfriend Sharon being pregnant. This changed his life completely as he was now to be a husband and father and not a pitcher. Settling down worsened his drinking, which eventually lead to his demise.

50, Sam’s caretaker. A Caucasian man with balding hair. He walks proudly in his unbuttoned shirt with his belly protruding. Always carrying a beer Bill finds life easy as he plumps down on his love seat eating chips and watching sports center.

47, a curvaceous Caucasian woman with long brown hair and thick eye lashes. She wears tight jeans and a fitted shirt. Her day consist of cooking and taking care of her children. She is not afraid to speak her mind and curse words are fluently lashed from her mouth.

8, a small framed brown haired girl with an extremely high pitched voice. She runs around the house barefoot with her teddy bear under one arm and a box of crayons in the other.

Life can be a roller coaster ride. One minute you are climbing a mountain and the next you are free-falling. This free fall can change one’s world catastrophically and in the case of two, ordinary, all-American boys that is just what happens.

Nolan, an eager and outgoing small town boy, has adapted to living without his father who was mysteriously gunned down in front of him at a tender age. Isolated and alone, he makes the acquaintance of the local neighborhood hot-head, Sam. From the moment the two meet, they are inseparable. Sam brings excitement to Nolan’s mundane existence, while Nolan offers an unconditional love that tempers Sam’s proclivity for trouble-making. The bonds of the relationship are cemented through the boys’ enduring love of the game of baseball, which Sam practically mentors Nolan through to his star status.

Ultimately, small town life cannot protect these two youth on the verge of manhood from the excesses of life lived too fast. Too much freedom and too little supervision threaten their families, a budding romance and future success. In a last ditch effort to save her son from himself, Nolan’s mother, Sharon, makes a desperate attempt to break the grip Sam has over her son, even from the grave…

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