Errol Sadler, Film Producer

Errol Sadler, Film Producer

PRLog – Sep. 6, 2014 – ATLANTA –Errol Sadler of Supremacy Films has signed on to produce “Across the Track” a family drama directed and co-written by Michael Cook and Kimberly Y. James. The movie is the story of Tara and Ella Hines, sisters that are living very different lives. Tara is a big city architect with a fighting spirit that has brought her great success. Ella a few years younger, never left the hometown of their youth and has been the primary caretaker of the family. Estranged for 40 years, they are brought together finally with the death of their mother.

Through a series of flashbacks, their childhood in rural 1960s Georgia unfolds. The “Coloreds only” bathroom and side entrance to shops. The train tracks that separated the town by skin color. We see them navigate this world full of inferiority and bullying, ultimately leading to Ella’s decision to become white. As the sisters lay their mother to rest, the past rises up to meet them and we’re finally shown the moment that tore their family apart.

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Group Wrapping Up "Across The Tracks" filming in Oakfield

An Atlanta based film group wrapped up the month-long filming of a short movie at a home in Oakfield Wednesday.

The Director of “Across the Tracks”, Michael Cooke, was born in Albany and the group says that’s why they chose Southwest Georgia as a setting. The 20 minute film is about 2 Georgia sisters with different skin tones in the 1960’s and overcoming adversity in an integrated school.

The crew filmed several scenes at a home in the 100 block of Jackson Street Wednesday.

Producers say Albany and Oakfield residents have responded well to the film. “It’s definitely a heartfelt piece. You know, we’ve had some of the residence in town come out and they’ve given us grace and what not,” said Errol Sadler, “Across the Tracks” producer. “They tell us they really like what we’re doing. They really like the message. ”

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In its third year, Austin’s Capital City Black Film Festival drew talent from around the country and hosted its first world premiere.

Rival bounty hunters and a computer hacker’s plot to cripple the nation economy brings urgency to “Blackhats.” The four-year project from from filmmaker LeRon Austin bowed as one of the festival’s feature screenings.

“We like to call it cyber thriller indie mini blockbuster. That’s a lot of words, but that’s what were calling it and I think it’s unique,” Austin said.

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Reel One Entertainment and Supremacy Films are releasing “blackhats,” an indie suspense thriller opening in a limited theatrical release starting today, October 23, for a week-long run at the Aurora Cineplex at 5100 Commerce Parkway, Roswell, GA.

The film, directed by LaRon Austin, is a cyber-thriller depicting a group of extreme gamers connected to an underground hacker community that is being hunted by a hired assassin and the FBI. Their only chance of survival, and to prevent a massive viral attack that could collapse America’s economic foundation, is through the help of a formerly hot-tempered bounty hunter, who now finds his new harmonious life as a Fugitive Recovery Agent threatened.

Errol Sadler (who also is producer), Ted Huckabee of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” Neko Parham of “Ant-Man” and “Doris Morgado” all star in the film, which the filmmakers describe as an indie mini blockbuster with the spirit and brilliance of the “Bourne” series, the charismatic flare of “Swordfish” and the impactful secret of “Usual Suspect” and “Se7en.”

Scripting was by Martin L. Kelley and Eddie Davis Singleton.

Producer Bennie Swint said of the film’s release, “I’m excited that our movie is part of October’s Cyber Awarness Month. Our movie is in line with some of the issues our society faces dealing with cyber crime, this is the must see movie of the fall season.”